Starting with the idea of promoting quality and not quantity, our company has accomplished everything it proposed, ending up by becoming one of the most prestigious firms in Timisoara. That is why, we, the ones who put the bases of it’s future, are trying development solutions without any compromises.
    In order to support this idea, we propose you to go over together, not only the numbers that make up the financial report, but also a short exemplification with pictures of some of our works:

Faculty of Chemistry UP in Timisoara

Chemistry Faculty  Faculty of Chemistry  

  general repairs, front repairs and interior arrangements.

University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics in Timisoara

      Faculty of Medicine- front repairs works and replacement of the roof, paintings and interior arrangements.

Faculty of Pharmaceutics 

front repairs works and roof replacement.

Faculty of Stomatology - front repairs works and roof replacement.

University of Polytechnic Timisoara:
-    capital repairs at student hostels: student hostel nr. 9 and 11 Student hostel pile
-    framework roof at student hostels: C19, C20, C21, C1, C11, C15, C25
-    electrical and thermal installations at student hostels: C22, C9
-    capital repairs at the Faculty of Chemistry (at UPT) : interior installations, interior finishing, modernisation of sanitary groups, hydro isolation of terrace type roof, front
-     student hostel 1MV: reparations and consolidation, interior arrangements and modernisation.


University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat from Timisoara:
-    capital repairs and arrangements at refectory nr.1 USAB Timisoara
-    hygienisation  at student hostels from USABT
-     modernisation and interior arrangements of laboratories
-    modernisation of thermal points
-    hydro isolations 

Timis County Prefecture:

  -    modernisation and interior arrangements 
of the teleconference room.

    -  interior finishing

Faculty of Management Amphitheatre UPT
Management Faculty Amphitheatre

Direction for protecting children’s rights of Timis County:

- extension and adaptation of ecumenical chapel 

Placement Centre- Timisoara:

-    rehabilitation of familial pile of buildings- Sinersig locality

-    repairs, consolidation and finishing at Placement Centre –Lugoj locality

Educational Inspectorate  of Timis County.  Education  Ministry.

Remetea Mare

        rehabilitation of kindergarten (NP)-  Remetea Mare

rehabilitation of Agricultural Scholar Group -  Lovrin


rehabilitation of School with I-IV Classes- Uihei, Biled

Birda    rehabilitation of School with I-VIII Classes- Birda, Gataia

rehabilitation of School with I-IV Classes- Voiteg   Voiteg

Rehabilitation  Industrial school group Moldova Noua    Moldova Noua
Other works:
Family houses, holiday houses, pools, exterior arrangements, industrial holls